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This website is an expression of gratitude by a passionate teacher (David) who wants you to learn how to better use the technology at your finger tips. Our site is 100% free to the public. We only ask that you tell your friends!

The topics that we teach are vast. Through this site you can lean how to better use your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and various web services. That being said, we do tend to focus on Apple products due to high demand.

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  • New to Mac
  • New to iPhone
  • New to iPad
  • Video Editing
  • E-Mail Tips and Tricks
  • Organize your Photos
  • Microsoft Office
  • iTunes
  • Intro to Siri
  • Storing Your Passwords
  • Create Photo Slideshows
  • iCloud
  • New to Facebook
  • Building Your Own Website
  • Deleting Facebook Viruses

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After looking for tutorials on YouTube, I finally stumbled on yours and there is NO COMPARISON. All the others (that I found) are grossly amateur compared to PC Classes Online. You teach with authority, are interesting, and get to the nitty-gritty of what I need to know without wasting my time. Thank you and keep up the good work!

David B.New York

Your teaching style is quite impressive, especially for an online environment.  Please know that your efforts are much appreciated!

EricGlenwood, IL

I stumbled across this site by sheer accident. I had been going to various YouTube instructions on the Mac and most of them were terrible.  But this site is outstanding. I can totally understand David while he is instructing me. I am super excited to find this site.

Dorothy E.Australia

Loved listening to your clear, simple yet thorough explanations. Along with your humor and tips, I felt like you were a friend talking directly to me as a peer, not down to me as a beginner. Very enjoyable. I am looking forward to more classes!

Gail M.

Your introduction videos have been most helpful. Even for me, a Windows user. My sister (age 73) is able to watch the video several times, take notes, and practice what she has just seen. It works well for her and she is getting more out of it.

Roger S.Orlando, FL

Just discovered your site and love it. I’m 67 and was a PC guy for 30 years before transitioning to Mac 5 years ago. Would have been great to have had this kind of thing then. Love the fact that your classes are up to date. A big plus.

Jim M.
thumbs up


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